Our Space is a daytime facility with hours from 8:30am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. The professional staff directs the programs and gives each member individual attention as required. Peer Specialists provide services to other adults experiencing mental illness in various supportive housing facilities. Other member-employees have duties that range from clerking at the Our Space Blue Dove Gift Shop and Price is Right to janitorial duties. In addition, students and volunteers assist with programming, fundraising, and special projects. Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) provider.

Structured programs provide pre-vocational training, education, and independent living skills. All programs are in response to the expressed needs of the members, which are solicited through focus groups, monthly full member meetings, and semi-annual member surveys. Examples of structured programs currently being offered include:

  • Health and wellness classes and supervised daily exercise
  • Women’s, men’s, recovery, and crisis planning support groups.
  • Occupational Therapy, including Assertiveness, Anger and Stress Management, and Independent Living Skills
  • Clerical and Management Training at the Our Space Blue Dove Snack Shop/Price is Right Prevocational Retail and Janitorial Training Program
  • Computer Instruction, including basic skills, Internet and e-mail, and data and word processing.
  • Peer Specialist Training and Employment Program.



Membership at Our Space is voluntary and members choose the degree of involvement and participation that works best for them. Some benefits one can expect to gain from membership are: 

  • Create and maintain a network of peers
  • Learn to improve socialization skills
  • Relax and enjoy healthy, affordable fun
  • Learn skills through participation in the educational groups
  • Receive support through weekly groups

The first step to becoming a member is filling out our Membership Application.  If you would like an application, simply download it from our website or email us at OurSpaceInc@aol.com. They are also welcome to request a tour of our facility.

* Must be 18 years or older and have verifiable diagnosis of a mental illness.