To provide shopping opportunities, without charge, for persons in need, and work experience for persons with mental illness in a safe and nurturing environment where they can improve their self-image and socialization skills.

Our History

1996, The Price Is Right Shoppe began in a room at the Behavioral Health Division, as a clothing store to persons with mental illness hospitalized at the Wauwatosa campus. In 1998, the Shoppe moved to its own building on the County grounds and expanded its offerings and outreach to other needy residents of Milwaukee County. In 2002, it relocated to a 10,000 square foot site at 629 N. 36th street. After seven years at this location, the shoppe returned to the county grounds. In 2010, the shoppe moved to its final destination at 1527 W. National Avenue.

In 2017, Our Space served over 1148 Milwaukee County residents providing free shopping opportunity.

Donations Needed

Our Space success depends on donations from the community. Please, think of us when cleaning out your closet. If you itemize deductions on your federal tax return, Our Space will provide you with a tax donation receipt and you are entitled to claim a charitable deduction. We accepts donations M-F, 9 am-2 pm. Sorry, we do not accept children’s items.