Our Space is committed to offering extraordinary recovery-based services. We pride our self in using a trauma-informed care, person-center approach to assist individuals to pursue success in the way they choose  - to live hopeful, satisfying, contributing lives. We need your support to continue to provide the needed services to meet the increased needs in our community. Your financial assistance provides crucial support to adults to move forward on their personal journey of recovery from mental illness and substance abuse.

Each year United Way invites people to advance the common good and create opportunities for a better life for all. The United Way workplace campaign is held between August and December of each year. This allows people to contribute to Our Space by writing in the designated area  "Our Space" as the organization you would like to donate to. Our Space greatly appreciates your generous contribution.


Our Space is a nonprofit organization and we rely heavily on your tax-deductible donation.

Your Donation will help the lives of countless individuals affected by mental illness, trauma and substance abuse. 

Thank you for supporting Our Space!
"Never believe that a few, caring people cannot change the world. Indeed, that’s all who ever have."

- Margaret Mead -