“I have always looked at Our Space as a ‘university’. When I say university, I mean a place to learn, a place to start fresh. Our Space is a safe place to conquer social skills, confidence, it builds character and makes one fearless when dealing with peers and the world we live in. You begin to grow and have the ability to face adversities in everyday challenges. Since joining Our Space three years ago, the quality of my life has forever changed me.”
– Dennis, Our Space Member –

About Our Space

Our Mission is to empower individuals living with mental illness and substance abuse issues to achieve their full potential, by providing recovery-oriented person-centered services and programs in a safe and accepting environment.

Our Space continues to implement efforts of Milwaukee County’s initiatives Milwaukee Co-Occurring Competence Cadre (MC3), and is dedicated to the continuation of future efforts. Our values include utilizing a Trauma-Informed Care, person-centered approach with our staff and individuals we serve.

We firmly believe in accountability at all levels, and strive to be an organization of excellence, using best practices and integrated service delivery. Our goals are accomplished with the collaboration of community partners to remove barriers, while providing the tools to better serve our clients.

Our goal is to offer an array of services and programs for those who struggle with mental illness, trauma, and substance abuse issues. By providing a safe environment, we work to maximize involvement, choice, and program development, while increasing self-determination. We continually seek avenues to refine current programs, and develop new initiatives. By providing the tools and services needed to self-manage mental illness issues, personal growth increases, independent living skills are developed, and emergency hospitalization and/or incarceration are reduced.