Individual Skill Development Enhancement (H2017S)

Social Skills
During these groups, participants learn valuable skills for interpersonal relationships.  Assertive communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, feeling expression and regulation, creating and fostering relationships, listening skills, maintaining healthy boundaries, personal safety, and building self esteem, are taught through a variety of fresh, exciting, and interactive activities. 

Independent Living Skills
Group sessions rotate through a variety of topics related to independent living, which may include: shopping, cooking, personal care, transportation, budgeting, or household tasks.  Groups, although educational, often involve relevant practice of skills learned, and occasional outings into the community. 

Vocational Skills
These groups focus on learning and building the necessary skills required for employment.  General and basic skills such as concentration/attention span, communication, responsible work habits, time management and following directions are taught in a group session through discussion, activities and practice.  Topics also include more specific skills including, for example, answering phone calls, prioritizing duties, or following a written schedule.