Wellness Management and Recovery (H2017W)

Anger/Stress Management
These groups teach techniques that empower individuals to take control of their emotional expressions.  Participants learn how to regulate difficult emotions, to frame situations differently, to change thought processes to avoid a cycle of stress or anger.  Many interesting techniques are illustrated, that are easy to incorporate into daily life.

Meditation and Relaxation groups held at Our Space are designed to help reduce stress and anxiety and to help individuals learn new coping skills in order to gain control in these areas. The environment is calm, quiet, and inviting. There is a wide variety of activities and exercises to keep the sessions new and exciting, such as calming crafts, guided meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and deep breathing. The continued attendance of these groups will further aid in the learning process of how to be mindful, in and out of group.

Support Group
Support groups allow participants the opportunity to describe their experiences, express their feelings, ask questions, offer support or get advice from peers and staff.  Sharing is kept in confidence, in a safe and positive atmosphere of a caring community of individuals, who share a common bond.

Self Esteem Building
During these groups participants are provided a variety of opportunities to experience a sense of mastery, to build positive self-awareness, to challenge one’s self by setting goals, to be of service to others, to tap into creativity, and expand their knowledge and involvement in their surroundings and community. Improving coping skills leads to an increased sense of self-control and, in turn, self-worth.

ATODA (alt. code H2017PE)
Our Space provides an array of educational groups focused on drug and alcohol abuse, other addictive behaviors and substances, as well as coping skills related to these areas. Some of the main subjects discussed in ATODA are tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, gambling, eating disorders, and other topics as requested.

Our Space provides educational groups that focus on managing physical health risks and skills needed to help with self-guidance in these areas. Some of the groups offered at Our Space include smoking cessation, diabetes management, and risk reduction for heart attacks and stroke.